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Created by Design

State of the Art design tools and third party frameworks for a contemporary look and feel

No point reinventing the wheel when there are great tools out there that make it easier to deliver great Windows applications faster. We have a great deal of experience with the DevExpress range of tools to leverage super looking cross platform applications for Windows, Web and Mobile platforms. This includes the DevExpress XAF Application Builder system, the suite of modern on-screen editors and graphics, and the marvelous DevXtreme mobile and tablet tools.

Other tools for rapid professional development include Umbraco for responsive websites, the visual studio range of tools and wix installer for deployment.

Any software or hypertext we write as part of your contract will be yours to use and modify as you wish and resold as part of a larger system. This naturally excludes any third party libraries, code etc that we used, such as DevExpress and similar systems. We will also retain rights to reuse non-proprietary code in full or in part for use by other projects, unless by prior arrangement we agree to exclusivity.


We'll work with Dev Ops and customers to assist in the smoothest possible deployment of code we've provided

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