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Razordesk 4 Available for Download

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Announcing the re-launch of Razordesk 4, refreshed and updated to support modern browsers and databases with a totally free personal edition designed for local support agencies. Razordesk has always been appreciated for its ease of use and has now been given a jolly good spruce up to make sure it continues to look beautiful on modern web browsers and work with newer versions of SQL Server. Razordesk has a long pedigree, originally developed in 2002 as a bespoke system for an IT support company, later adapted for a large mobile telecoms equipment vendor before being made available more widely.

Razordesk comes in three variants. Personal Edition, totally free and fully featured but limited to one machine. Enterprise Edition, with remote access and multi users including support staff, managers and end users. Finally, for those without the necessary hardware we provide a fully managed Cloud Edition utilising Microsoft Azure servers.

Give Razordesk a try at Razordesk Download. The installer will take you through the process and if you have any issues at all, just get in touch and we’ll be delighted to assist. Go Razordesk 4!

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