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Multi Level Marketing Software

Finding people that really understand the guts of a sophisticated MLM system are hard to find. We at blue tang have extensive experience building websites and the backend logic for client's involved in MLM operations. This includes Happisix, one of the first online lottery systems in the UK, beating the National Lottery by several weeks.

Happisix ran a weekly draw based on the final digit from the closing rate of six international stock exchanges. The system handled millions of dollars and was audited by the highly respected Deloitte Touche to ensure the draws were handled correctly. We worked alongside a graphic design agency to produce the public website to handle registrations and the ability for users to make purchases and monitor their winnings and account.

The backend handled all matters concerned with commissions, payments, and draw closures. The system ran in real time, users would see their winnings and commissions the moment they were due. Commissions were based on a multi-level downline which accounts for user non-activity, paybacks, and binary matrix.

If you are looking to implement an MLM system, no matter how simple or sophisticated, please get in touch for a chat. 

Pete the Geek and Rachel built the software behind the happi6 online lottery: one of the first web based lotteries in Great Britain and audited by Deloitte Touche

Implementing a multi-level-marketing scheme and need some software to run the backend operation?

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