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Windows Applications

Windows applications to help improve your business processes or to make money by selling, call on Pete the Geek at blue tang's 40 years developing software. All work professionally scoped with a design document and appropriate acceptance tests to ensure that what you requested is what you get. All work charged on a fixed price per feature basis so no nasty surprises. We apply common sense if small changes are required; none of this five hundred quid for changing the colour of a button. With Pete the Geek at blue tang, you get personal service and can be sure that all communication is with the developer.

Where it makes sense we use additional third-party software for that professional image and the ability to design prototype screens as quickly as possible. These include Xamarin and DevExtreme for cross-platform Android, Windows, Web and iPhone applications. Umbraco helps deliver super responsive websites with easy to use content management, and for that extra special contemporary look, like this site, Umbraco with a template from uSkinned of Glasgow.

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