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Use the Big Bear DCC Rail Controller Totally Free for 2 Locos

The Big Bear DCC rail controller software is available Free forever. The free version limits the software to operate Two working locos/trains and up to Three complete route definitions. However it is otherwise fully featured and ideal for small layouts and testing the compatibility of the software before purchase.

If you wish to purchase a larger version of the Big Bear it is available in three variants that allow a maximum number of locos or trains to be registered in the software. If you later find you need more locos, simply purchase one of the add-on loco packs. 

"Brown Bear" selection of up to 7 locos/trains at £19.95.
"Polar Bear" selection of up to 27 locos/trains at £44.95.
"Grizzly Bear" selection of up to 101 locos/trains at £69.95.

What to do Next?

To download the Free Version and install the Big Bear DCC Rail Controller software on your computer Click Here. When you start up the software select 'Continue With Free Edition'

If you wish to purchase and activate a Big Bear version, return to the purchase page

Guaranteed free from Toolbars, Adware, Spyware, 3rd party add-ons etc.

Big Bear FREE Edition

Big Bear Free Edition, Two active locos


Brown Bear

Brown Bear, Max 7 Locos


Polar Bear

Polar Bear, Max 27 Locos


Grizzly Bear

Grizzly Bear, Max 101 Locos


Add 5 Locos

Add 5 Locos to existing Big Bear


Add 11 Locos

Add 11 Locos to Big Bear


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