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Razordesk Enterprise Edition

Enterprise edition allows remote access and up to 99 simultaneous logins which, for most users, will be effectively unlimited. If you have the Personal edition already, simply add the license key included in the email when you purchase to Razordesk.

Remember, the price includes 12 month's support for assistance in using and installing the product, and minor configuration changes such as changing ticket categories etc. You are also entitled to three custom reports as long as they do not require changes to the database, use reporting 'cubes' and are requested within the first 90 days of purchase.

If you need help please get in touch via the contact page or the nice popup chat window (when we are available)

The Blue Tang Team

Price List for Razordesk Enterprise Edition

Razordesk Enterprise Edition

Includes 12 months support to cover installation, general questions and minor configuration changes involving ticket classifications etc. Also entitles to three bespoke reports (providing that no database changes are required of the reports require the use of analytics or database 'cubes'). Bespoke reports need to be requested within the first 90 days after purchase to give you time to establish what reports you may need. 


Additional Reports

Additional bespoke reports (after 1st three have been used or if after 90 days of purchase)


Bespoke Changes

Do you have specialist requirements? Do get in touch if you would like to talk about bespoke additions or changes to Razordesk, or if you would like to become a branded reseller.


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