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Razordesk Manual Installation

How to install Razordesk


You will need to install Razordesk manually if:

  • The auto installer failed for any reason
  • You wish to install Razordesk on an existing installation of SQL Server
  • The SQL Server is on a remote server
  • The version of IIS is not IIS6 and you are unable to set IIS6 compatibility
  • It's a hosted web server or some machine that you don't have full control over
  • You're the type that likes to do things the hard way!


Razordesk comes in two components, the database and the website. For the database you will need MS SQL 2012 or higher. The website needs IIS5 or higher and configured for The server itself should be up to date with Windows updates and support Microsoft Framework 4.6.1

Website Component

From the download, copy the razordesk folder to your website folder sources, unless explicitly changes this will be C:\inetpub\wwwroot

Open the IIS administration, right click Default Web Site and click Add Application. Enter razordesk as the alias and location of the above source directory for the physical path. We recommend you keep the Application Pool as the DefaultAppPool, but if you do select a different application pool, bear in mind minor changes in the following procedure.

Database Component

Razordesk supports SQL2012 to 2017. Open SQL Server Management Studio then connect to the SQL Instance being used for Razordesk (in case there are more than one instance running). If you don't have a MS SQL, download and install MS SQL Express 2017.

Position the database files

Now to install the database. You'll find two files bluetang_db.mdf and bluetang_db.ldf under the website in APP_DATA\db, copy these to the DATA folder for the SQL Server instance. As an example, these folders will look something like these:

  • C:\Program Files\Microsoft SQL Server\MSSQL11.SQLEXPRESS\MSSQL\DATA for SQL 2012
  • C:\Program Files\Microsoft SQL Server\MSSQL14.SQLEXPRESS\MSSQL\DATA for SQL 2017
Attach the files

In SMSS, right click Databases and select Attach. Now, under Databases to Attach, press Add and select bluetang_db.

At this point you should see a database bluetang_db appear among the list of databases. Exoand bluetang_db and make sure that you can see the tables and stored procedures.

Add the website user

The website is configured by default to connect to the bluetang_db as a user razordesklogin. If the database resides on the same machine as the website, the most secure way to connect is by using Windows login (integrated security).

Add a database user (Security --> Logins) for IIS APPPOOL\DefaultAppPool

Open the properties of the user and select User mapping. Tick razordesk_db, enter razordesklogin in the user column and check public and db_owner. Press OK.

Expand bluetang_db, Security and Users then make sure that there is a user razordesklogin


Now for the acid test. In a browser window run http://localhost/razordesk

The first time it is run, or the first time a particular page is opened, there might be a delay while IIS performs some initialisations. Hopefully you'll soon get a login tab and the company name 'Acme'. Login with admin and password abc123 and you are there.

If you can't log in or the company name is 'No database', there is an issue with connecting to the database. See the troubleshooting section.

Welcome to Razordesk

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